Employment Pass (EP)


Service Includes:
  • Renewal Notice
  • Medical Examination
  • Issuance
  • MOM Card Registration
  • Card Delivery
  • Full set softcopy & hardcopy


Document required to be provided by Employee (Worker)
Passport copy A copy of Personal Particulars page of the employee’s passport
MOM Renewal Notice Employee to fill up MOM Renewal Notice Form
Accommodation Declaration Singapore housing address for Renewal Issuance process
Declaration Letter (PDPA) To authorize 3rdparty proceed with data collection for application purpose.


Document required to be provided by Employer
MOM Authorization Letter  To authorize 3rd party to perform MOM related services 
MOM Renewal Notice To provide us MOM Renewal Notice Form (retrieve via MOM EPOL system)
Application Details To provide occupation, salary package, working hours/location details


*MOM fee subject to change
*50% of the cost to be applied if application is rejected
*Appeal request subject to $150 per transaction (capped 2 times)

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