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At Inter Island Consulting, we have the ability to supply companies with complete, cost-effective staffing solutions within a comprehensive range of industries. We recruit only the finest permanent talent who we believe will add value to your organization specifically and the industry you specialize in as a whole. A trusted staffing partner, Inter Island Consulting has been effective in creating career opportunities. We instill a belief in excellence, and we trust that it will show through in everything we do.

At Inter Island Consulting, we understand that talent and hard work are the most important factors when it comes to company growth. Without quality workers, you can’t expect to get an advantage over your competitors or establish yourself as a brand that thrives on excellence. There’s the saying that goes “Your company is who you hire” and we firmly believe this to be true.

Aside from sourcing, our recruitment consultants build a strong growing network with candidates so that we can help our clients to secure local top talents. We have a solid reputation for timely and accurate delivery of talented candidates with our extensive talent database.

Our consultants have solid years of recruiting experience for various industries including, but not limited to, IT & technology, e-commerce, accounting services, hospitality, education, retail, telecommunications, logistic, and manufacturing.

Our Vision

To realize potential. To create hopes and opportunities through job employment. To be your preferred choice of HR Solutions to deliver our Professionalism, Passion and Promise to clients, job seekers, and ourselves, for all to achieve work-life success to have total satisfaction and maximize each potential.

Our Mission

Our in-depth understanding of our customers’ requirements allows us to deliver quality solutions and maintain long-term relationships. Inter Island Consulting believes in integrity and effective management. With an empowered, dynamic and innovative workforce, we create a strong backbone for your organization; dedicated to excellence in service and commitment to standards of high quality.


We proactively seek opportunities to innovate, develop ourselves and our services, sharing knowledge as we grow.

Continuous Agreement

We remain in contact with all of our partners and platform users to help us enhance their experience with our product and increase their success with it.


We practice all the methods we apply to our platform and lead our business through the highest ethical standards in the industry.

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